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Winter Program

Okutopia Academy 2020/2021 Online Winter Program

Age Group: 3 years and 4-6 years


Our aim

Our main goal is to ensure that our children, whom we instill a love of reading, become literate individuals in the future. To this end, to be a role model that encourages children to read books, and to make it a habit to read books with special methods.  


To enable children to acquire knowledge in the fields of mathematics, language, science, social sciences, and the arts, while developing the indispensable communication, cooperation, inquiry and creativity skills of 21st century adults.

Our Approach to Children

Meetings take place with a perspective that embraces children's mistakes, gives children active roles rather than passive ones, makes them feel that talents are not innate but can be developed, and tries to reveal their true potential by evaluating each child within himself.


Our Educational Philosophy

We support children to reach information by taking initiative, planning, solving problems, experimenting and evaluating. We believe it is necessary to give children OPPORTUNITIES to use not only their minds, but also their hands and hearts.


In the Okutopia Academy program, there will be online meetings with professional guides and outdoor playgroup meetings.


Program Content

Effective reading of 50 themes and more than two hundred sub-topics, which we have determined in accordance with the developmental stages of children (from simple to complex, concrete to abstract, general to specific) in five areas (Mathematics, Language, Literacy, Science, Social Sciences, Art) that we will be active in each week, play, philosophy and drama supported activity flow takes place.

Based on the importance of daily routine in the early years, it is aimed for children to use the time they spend at home more effectively and efficiently. In each meeting, it is aimed that the students think, question, take initiative, realize what they have planned and evaluate what they have done.

Program Duration

9 months in total from September to June


Meeting Frequency

  • 3 years 3 days a week

  • 4-6 years old 5 days a week


For detailed information, you can write to us at or call us at 0 542 767 56 04 .

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