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Every Fairy Tales is a Skill

Okutopia Academy Summer Program

At this time when schools are officially on holiday, we are starting to normalize, but we will have to maintain social distance for a while,  We have prepared a very entertaining and educational program so that our children can have a full summer vacation.

In the program of the Okutopia Book Club, which we call “Every Fairy Tale is a Skill”, we aim to instill a love of reading in children and enable them to become literate individuals, while aiming to develop these four skills that they will need in the changing business life of the future.

  • Cooperation

  • Communication

  • Questioning

  • Creativity

Targeted age groups:

  • 3 (simplified version)

  • 4-6

  • 7-9

Date Options:

  • Term I: 22 June - 19 July

  • II. Period: 20 July - 16 August

Weekly Meeting Program:

(Two sessions per week for 4 weeks)

  • Wednesday & Saturday 11:00-11:20 for 3 age group

  • Wednesday & Saturday 12:00-12:40 for 4-5 age group

  • For 7-9 age group, Wednesday & Saturday 13:00-14:00

Program Flow:

The theme of week I is “Working Together.” In these sessions, children learn to share the digital environment and work together. By working together, a product is produced, the importance of working together is understood. The first week lays the groundwork for the next weeks to be fruitful.

II. The theme of the week is “Communication”. It sets an example for children to express themselves correctly through the problems that can be experienced in communication.

III. The theme of the week is “Inquiry”. In the analytical approach, children are directed to analyze the situations presented to them, to define the problems and to find solutions for the problem.  

IV. The theme of the week is “Creativity”. Children use their thinking skills in line with their own goals and work to unleash original, useful and divergent creativity.

Program outputs:

  • 4-week, 8 meeting tuition fee

  • 4 Certificate of Participation

  • Portfolio of the child's work over 8 lessons

  • A short feedback from your guide

This summer, we invite your children to the “Every Fairy Tale is a Skill” program at Okutopia Academy.

For registration: 0 542 767 5604

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