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Okutopia Book Fellowship

Do you have a book sibling?

Coming to Okutopia with the Book Fellowship Social Responsibility project within Okutopia  children of families who do not have easy access to the book with their children  We aim to meet.


A child from the student list of the school in the Book Fraternity section in Okutopia and the desired gift  One of the books is chosen and two are bought. While your child is reading one of the books, the other with a nice note,  far away  We send it to your brother.  Every time your child picks up his book, he remembers his book sibling somewhere far away who was reading the same book as him.  


Until today  We sent books to the students of many schools far from Istanbul, carefully selected by the children who came to Okutopia, of good quality, suitable for their age, and in which they wrote their message.


If you want to participate in this project, you can come to Okutopia or contact us for remote participation.

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